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Aura and Emily


Aura used great pressure. She did an excellent job of getting all the parts done well in the allotted time. ~ Michelle B.
Excellent atmosphere, communication, transition, pressure, draping, awareness, connection- over all caring and professional. Great strokes in general. Good job with shoulders+neck. Paid attention to my scoliosis problem.  ~ Thanks Aura+ keep the good job!

I felt Aura was able to address areas that I needed help with. Keep doing what you are doing. You are terrific! ~ Roberta I.

My overall experience was great. Aura is great. Continue the good work! ~ Jacqueline S.

Aura is very pleasant, easy to talk too; excellent massage. ~ Ken R.

Overall an A+. Aura did a very,very good job! Keep up the good work. Thanks. ~ George J.

Very relaxing, felt great. Aura was very informative and took her time. The choice of music was relaxing too. I wish I had more time to book more often. ~ Laura L.

Fabulous massage! Great hands, perfect pressure. Loved every minute of it starting with the scalp. Closure was perfect. Very, very personable and professional. I feel great! You are extremely good and a natural. Aura you will have a great career! ~ Betty H.

Aura you did an excellent overall massage! Exceptional! Keep up the great work! ~ Meena S.

Aura the massage was totally awesome! Perfect in all areas! Thank you! :) ~ Robin N.

Lady Having a Massage was a great massage, great foot massage. Excellent job! I hope for another massage soon. You care about what you are doing-that shows in your work. ~ Carolyn R.

Aura, you gave an excellent massage! One of the best massages I have had. Keep up the great work! ~ Meena S.

Aura was pleasing, although Ihad no special request she made my firt experience amaizing. The music was relaxing. She was excellent. ~ Kristin B.

Very passionate. Loved the energy.

Aura did a great job of notcing the knots in my back around my shoulders & focused on them. Had firm pressure which I liked. Continue the great work! I loved the massage because of the firm pressure and attention to my back! ~ Peter A.

Best thing was that Aura concentrate on my problem areas. They received a lot of attention. Pressure was awesome. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Continue the excellent work. You are doing an awesome job. Phenomenal work. ~ Lashawn M.

Lower Back Massage

Aura was very attentive. Excellent control of the technique. Keep up the awesome work! I have had massages from several therapist across the country with years of experience. I have met only one that matches Aura! Pleasure was all mine! ~ Kayla H.

Excellent pressure and attitude. Soft hands and awareness. ~ Les D.

Absolutely perfect in every area! Outstanding! Thank you! :) ~ Robin N.

Detailed, very sweet young lady. Keep up the awesome work. The sky is the limit. ~ Rhonda N.

Her hands were like rollers. I felt she touched every muscle.

Aura is wonderful, I feel great. Nice pressure and muscle manipulation. Thanks a lot! Hope to see you again soon.... ~ Lilia A